One fine Sunday…

…actually not. It rains, but it’s a welcome rain after a very long dry spell, so nobody’s really complaining.

This afternoon we’re all off to see my daughter’s piano essay, on which she’s worked so hard over the last couple of months. Nervous as she is, I know she’s going to pull a great performance, always gives her best under pressure.

Me, I would like to record how I feel on this day, which probably in retrospect I will see as pivotal in my professional life.

The details will come in due course, but for now it’s the feelings that matter, and the best way to capture them is another imaginary interview.

Q: When an opportunity is “the right one”?

A: I always wondered myself and, so far, the answer for me was always: “I will know”. I will know because it will unlock a wave of excitement and unbound energy; because I will sleep short and deep, because I won’t be able to think about anything else. Literally not another thing.

Q: Does serendipity exist?

A: I think it does. Now was exactly the right time for me for this to come about: current client projects concluded, new client projects still on the drawing board. If it wasn’t the case, I would not have been able to do 16hour stretches on developing the concept and the business case, would not have been able to switch day and night without impinging on performance to paying clients.

Q: Is your perception of risk blunted? 

A: It’s not that I am not aware of the risk, right now. It’s more that given the size of the potential reward, I feel appropriate to risk a lot to keep things in balance. If I wasn’t risking anything, I guess it would not feel right that I had the opportunity to be so richly rewarded.

Q: Was this a case of social network harvesting?

A: I hate that buzzword. People who use it sound cold and heartless, and I hope I am not that. I take pride in my social networks being exactly what I wanted them to be. In this case, the network that’s supposed to connect me with the people I know IRL (LinkedIn) brought to my stream a piece of news that did not match what I thought I knew about someone, prompting me to reach out to clarify, closing a key connection.

Q: Is it reasonable that you plunge into start-up mode again at almost 60?

A: “Start-up mode” depends only on energy output. Age has nothing to do with energy output and, besides, western world societies now require their members to be productive until much later than they used to, as they cannot afford to pay them retirement benefits, so I am merely fulfilling what’s expected of my role.

Q: Why an industry segment you have no previous experience about?

A: Industry experience is overrated. Cross-pollinating an industry with best practices coming from another industry is what is really valuable and you cannot do this if you’re not willing to venture into a territory you don’t know. Curiosity is much more important than experience.

Q: What if you fail?

A: Possible, not likely. My unconscious brain has made a thorough assessment and it’s telling me the odds are extremely good; I do not understand how it works, but it served me well in the past, so I’m trusting it.

Q: Is this your life #4?

A: No doubt: it brings to fruition what I have learned about growing a business, focusing on the things that really make a difference, the value of speed, the beauty of Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals, the importance of making sure your dream is understood.

Q: Are you going to change the world?

A: Yes.

[to be continued…]

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