Even more pissed

This business of a six-month delivery term for a car drives me nuts. Today I decided I’d write a complaint letter to the good folks at Mercedes-Benz; I therefore went to their site and, with some effort I dug out a form (do people really still use forms? so ’80s !).

The idiot who designed this particular form starts by asking me the registration number of your car – which I don’t have, as I’m here to complain about the fact it’s taking forever to deliver it. I put in the reg no of my old car (yes, the one they took away four months ahead of time)  and proceed to write “my story” (as they call it); obviously the idiot suffers from attention deficit disorder, as he arbitrarily decides I must use at most 480 characters to describe my problem.

After carefully wording my tale to fit (Twitter training helps, no doubt), I try to click “Send”… but the damn friggin’ button is dead!

How do I send this if the "Invio" (Send) button above is dead?

I could write a book about the many things that are wrong on this site (the pointless picture pages, the broken car configurator, the labyrithic navigation), but I think this is the best one. I must admit that this approach is more honest than many others that would accept my form only to route it to the dustbin – Mercedes Benz prefers to talk straight and let me know right away they could not care less about my complaints.

Well done, Mercedes!

(BTW, to the pimplefaced intern monitoring blogs: if you think I was pissed yesterday, you ain’t seen nothing, yet. Today I am so steamin’ pissed, I have asked Finance to cancel the order, penalties nothwithstanding)

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