Pissed off Mercedes client here !

I don’t get it.

The papers are full of the crisis battering the car industry, right? Overproduction, layoffs by the thousands, companies being saved by governments when they are on the brink of bankruptcy; in our country the government has spent several hundred of millions of euros to incentivize people to swap their old cars with newer, less polluting models; all of this is irrelevant to me, as like many working in corporates, my car is not really bought by me or my company but rather rented over a few years with a contract including all the maintenance work. The decision to change it has nothing to do with incentives or even my own desires, but simply with the expiration of a contract.

Going back to the crisis, one would think car manufacturers have parking lots full of unsold cars. Now, can someone explain why the rather boring Mercedes E350 I ordered at the beginning of December will be delivered on June 4th, 2010 ? (and no, I don’t get to keep the old one in the meanwhile, because Mercedes-Benz Rentals went bankrupt – remember the crisis? – and yanked it back).

I admit I write this in hope that Mercedes-Benz has some pimplefaced intern monitoring blogs and wishing to make an impact on their customer service, so I’ll state this again in a search engine friendly way:

  • loyal  repeat customer of 20+ years
  • ordered an E350 coupe
  • estimate delivery term is six months
  • royally pissed off, considering switching
Let me steal their picture, maybe they'll get me for copyright infringement

To this last bullet, if the rental company gives me half a chance, I’ll happily swap it for an Audi or Jag or Bimmer of the same category !

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