Making simple things unnecessary complicated

Very happy about the performance of my newly-installed Starlink satellite Internet connection.

The dish was installed in less than an hour on a normal antenna pole on my roof (not by me, of course) with the cable running down through the roof to the room where the rest of the equipment is.

This placement is optimal, as there are no obstacles, and the dish can happily connect to the low orbit sat network with minimal interruptions.

I will be keeping the existing ADSL connection as a backup for a while, until I am sure everything works OK then, given the high cost of Starlink, cut off that wire and go totally untethered.

Unfortunately I will need to replace the powerline extender (config utility no longer supported on MacOS) needed to get a decent signal through our thick (in some places almost a metre!) walls, but that’s OK because I’m getting TP-Link extenders where the receiver supports up tp 7 remote extenders all on the same SSID.

Also I will need a switch (EDIT: someone suggested I get a buffer router instead), as the very basic Starlink router only has one network port, so all that is next week’s task, after I get the hardware.

Today’s task involved moving my wireless printers/scanners to the new network. Unfortunately the Starlink router doesn’t have the insecure but practical WPS button, so configuration must be made manually.


  • [on the printer control panel]
  • Setup
  • Wireless network
  • [from the list of available SSIDs] Select SSID
  • Enter password
  • OK

HP LaserJet M148DW

  • Connect USB cable
  • Launch HP Smart app
  • Select printer
  • Printer settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Networking
  • Select SSID
  • Enter password
  • The HP Smart utility apparently installs a new printer, as the driver has a slightly different name, so on each computer’s printer list, you’ll need to select the “new” one (and delete the “old” one to avoid confusion)

Took me 5′ to connect the Brother vs. over 2 hours for the H-P, including innumerable resets, reading of manual and perusing of support boards and an assortment of profanities.

Still unclear why the H-P printer control panel does not simply display a list if available SSIDs to associate, but it doesn’t.

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