Today it’s my birthday: I received wishes from so many of my friends and family and I have done my best to respond to each individually, but in case I have missed you, apologies and many, many thanks.

It is also a birthday with very important musical reminiscences: when John & Paul wrote “When I’m sixty-four” they chose this number to indicate an unfathomably remote old age, so far from their present to be alien; in fact only Paul and Ringo would live to see their 64th birthday.

I was 11 when Sgt. Pepper’s was released, and to be honest, my musical tastes at the time did not include the Fab Four: an uncle of mine was a sales rep for RCA Records and he fed me unusual music for an 11yo such as Eric Burdon and Frank Zappa; they would be soon followed by Jimi, the Zep and the Dead and only later it encompassed more pop.

I have no memories of what could have been my expectations for such a distant future like my 64th birthday, but here I am: this will be my last power-of-two-birthday, and I am definitely fond of the Beatles, even though I still like the Mothers of Invention and the Animals.

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